Materials - Leather


Rich, beautifully textured and durable 
For these and other reasons, leather is the furniture covering of choice for many. In fact, the furniture industry rates the "wearability" of leather at four to seven times that of fabric. However, as with upholstery, we counsel customers to consider how and where the piece will be used to ensure your cost investment is in line with practical usage.
Price variability
Why the wide range in leather furniture prices? There are many ways to reduce costs. One is to use leather only on cushions and pillows, with vinyl or another leather substitute elsewhere. Different grades of leather are often employed throughout a piece, for instance, top grain (highest grade) on cushions and pillows only, with "splits" (bottom layers of the hide, which have neither the beauty nor strength of top grain) on less significant surfaces. And, some manufacturers use a lesser grade of leather hide throughout. Leather quality can often be determined simply by look and feel, and in general, you can assume that you'll get what you pay for.