Materials - Upholstery


Fabric choices 
There is generally little correlation between cost and wear. Expensive fabrics such as silk and damask can be fragile, while tougher synthetic blends often cost less. When selecting a patterned fabric, consider if the manufacturer will use "four-way matching," which can require as much as 50% additional fabric, but is more pleasing. We find the relatively small cost of soil repellant is usually well worth it in the long run.
The single greatest method by which to lengthen the life of your fabric is to be realistic about its purpose. Match it to your furniture's function and your lifestyle, and you'll find that it will look better longer.
Pillows and cushions 
Avoid foam cushions, which flatten quickly. Look for "poly-down" or the lesser-used "spring-down" options. They contain a spring or polyurethane core with an exterior down layer. 100% down cushions or pillows are available as a premium option.
Strategic synthetics 
Premium quality upholsterers use synthetic filling materials by choice. Synthetics offer consumers non-allergenic, odor-free products which will also be mold- and mildew-free.