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Kerrie Tatone


10375 SW Beaverton Hillsdale hwy

Beaverton Or 97005

For over 25 years I have thoroughly enjoyed my career as an interior designer! I have been fortunate to work with wonderful clients on a wide variety of projects. My background stretches from corporate to residential design for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


As an interior designer for the clientele of Parker Furniture it is very important to me that you enjoy the process. First and foremost we will build a relationship that provides you with the ability to share the vision you have for a specific room or your entire home. To achieve your vision, I can provide you with one or all of the following services:


•  Design Concept

•  Floorplan layout and space planning

•  Color scheme development

•  Selection of furnishings for both indoor and outdoor spaces which include: 

     - Furniture

     - Fabrics

     - Accessories

     - Art 

     - Flooring 

     - Area rugs

     - Window treatments

     - Bedding

     - Lighting

•  Respectful attention to your investment 

     so that all of the above can be achieved


Finally, it is my desire that together we create the perfect surroundings; 

a sanctuary from the outside world that brings you joy for years to come. 



Kerrie Tatone

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