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Parker Furniture - About Us - Parker Family 1988

1st and 2nd Generation

Betty Parker, Gary Parker, Craig Parker, and Louis Parker

Photo taken 1988

Parker Furniture - About Us - Parker Family 2008

2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation

Craig Parker, Jeff Parker, and Sam Parker

Photo taken 2008

     We believe refined living is a conscious decision our customers make. Life experiences have shaped their appreciation of all that goes into the finest in accommodations, from individualized style and aesthetic to superior quality and customer service. Like the remarkable furnishings we offer, Parker Furniture has served multiple generations with the kind of integrity rare in any industry today.


     Our family has been serving Portland for more than a half a century (established 1952), we remain passionate about offering customers the broadest selection (our show room is over 65,000 sq. ft.), the finest custom options and most remarkable design expertise available anywhere.


Jeff & Angie Parker 

and the

Upcoming 4th Generation

 Kate (far left) Ben (center) Sam (far right)


Meet the owner

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